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Better Headbands Better Yoga Sessions: RiptGear Headbands

There is no doubt that yoga sessions are very important. However, to have a more successful session, the “little” things you do go a long way in determining how well and successful your sessions will be. One of the gears that you need to supplement your already stylish yoga gear is a RiptGear Headband. Yes, that is right. These headgears will supplement your general look and make you look stunning thereby boosting your confidence prior to the respective toga sessions.

What are the benefits of having a good yoga headband?

As aforementioned, yoga headbands are very important and can play a huge role in determining if your session will be successful or not. Here are some of the reasons why.


RiptGear headbands provide your head with the comfort you so much need. As we all know, during yoga sessions, any little destruction can make the whole session a disaster, but with RiptGear headbands, you are assure none of that will happen. At least not from your headgear. People who have acquired the services of these great products before can attest to the fact that the headbands are softer than cotton and microfiber. This is just about what you need.

Gives you color options

With RiptGear headbands, you are not only stuck with one color of these products. You have the freedom to choose one that suits you most or buy many of them with different colors for the different training sessions. This serves to boost how you appear and how you report for yoga sessions thereby boosting your confidence and belief, which is what yoga, is mostly about.

They have the non-slip design

RiptGear headbands have the non-slip design, which ensures that they stay in place while you go on with your yoga sessions. In addition to that, you have an option to wear them as either folded or wide depending on the way you feel comfortable.


Yoga sessions require little distractions and you do not want them coming from unlikely sources such as your headgears. In that case, it is important to use RiptGear headbands as they are comfortable, comes in many colors and have a non-slip design. That way, you will have the assurance that you will not have destructions during your yoga sessions.

Blackhead Remover

Blackheads are unsightly and unwanted by anyone who gets them which is most people! There are a few ways to prevent and treat blackheads and this can leave skin looking and feeling much smoother and without the black specks that cause self consciousness.

When pores become blocked blackheads form. The most common places to get blackheads is on the nose and chin and surrounding areas.

blackhead-removerOne way to prevent blackheads is to exercise; work up a sweat. This flushes your pores out. Make sure you exfoliate and cleanse afterward. Try not to go overboard moisturizing parts of your face that don’t need it like your nose. You will make blackheads worse and few people need moisturizer in this area.

Strips are one way to get rid of black heads. You apply the strip to your skin and pull it off. The grime from your pores should be attached to the strip. These are effective but quite harsh and some people experience fine hairs regrowing a bit thicker because of this technique.

Another method is deep cleansing peel off masks. These are applied, left to dry and then peeled off. These too are effective but can cause problems for those with sensitive skin.

Another method is to use blackhead remover gel or cream. These are very effective but should not be used too often. Most creams suggest a time limit of the cream staying on your skin and recommend using this treatment only once or twice a week.

No matter how well you cleanse your skin you are bound to get blackheads. It is only very lucky people who don’t have them. Thankfully there are a variety of techniques out there to combat blackheads. Although they will come back and be prominent if you stop using your removal method by keeping on top of them you reduce their appearance. Your skin appears more blemish free and your make up will glide on much more smoothly rather than getting caught in the bumps and grooves.

Smart Phones with internet, media player and Microsoft Access can help keep sanity while raising teenage boys

son that is a teenagerAs the middle child of three girls, I find myself often wondering at the species that is developing before my eyes. The alien creature looks somewhat like a more mature version of my once sweet, sensible, and loving son, yet he is a more aggressive version with angry, red marks all over his face, a vastly different and ever-deepening voice, and more angst that ten episodes of My So Called Life combined.The humanoid alien species seems to have consumed the sweetness and innocence that used to be by loving son and makes me wonder if I am going to survive parenthood and wonder how to raise a teenage son.

Communication is Key

Although it is extremely difficult sometimes to communicate with somebody who seems to despise my existence, it is crucial to surviving the teenage years. Keeping open lines of communication without being too pushy or too nosy will help teenage boys know they have a trustworthy confidante and somebody they can ask anything without judgement. Communicating openly and honestly without passing judgement will make your teenager more apt to come to you for questions, concerns, advice, or just to talk. It can be extremely difficult, particularly if you know your teenage boy is making a crucial mistake, to keep opinions and judgement against you. However, unless the mistake is life-threatening or will be crucial to your son’s future, it is important to allow them to make these mistakes so they can learn from them and move on.

Keep the Fridge Full

I remember my mom telling me when I was much younger that “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”. Most of us have heard this ridiculous expression at one time or another in our lives. I never really gave it much consideration until I had a teenage son. I am amazed and appalled at the same time at how much they eat. It seems that no matter how much he has to eat, there is always room for more. And when there isn’t enough for him to eat? You would think the world was ending. Keeping the refrigerator full will accomplish a few things:

1) They will always stay relatively close-by and check in frequently because they will need to refill and refuel regularly.

2) They will be more prone to communicating with you, even if it is simply to tell you they need more chocolate milk or you’re running low on breakfast burritos. Sometimes they will even hang out in the kitchen or the dining room to eat their spoils from the fridge, which means they are likely to start up a conversation with you.

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